Board Director

Sl No Name Designation
1 Shri Subrata Ranjan Baksi Honb'le Member of Parliament, GoWB, Chairman of WBHDCL
2 Shri Aroop Biswas Hon'ble MIC, PWD, Go WB, Vice - Chairman of WBHDCL
3 Shri Rajiva Sinha, IAS Additional Chief Secretary,Department of Large Industries and Enterprises, Go WB, Director of WBHDCL
4 Shri Indevar Pandey, IAS Managing Director, Principal Secretary, P.W. Department, Go WB
5 Shri Hari Krishna Dwivedi, IAS Principal Secretary Finance Department, Go WB, Director of WBHDCL
6 Shri S. Kishore, IAS Principal Secretary, Department of Power & NCES, Go WB, Director of WBHDCL
7 Shri Chandan Kumar Sinha, IAS Principal Secretary, Forest Department, Go WB, Director of WBHDCL
8 Shri Manoj Pant, IAS Principal Secretary, Dept of Land & Land Reforms and LRC, GoWB, Director of WBHDCL,
9 Smt. Shilpa Gourisaria, IAS Director (Finance) and CFO WBHDCL, WBHDCL, EX- Officio Joint Secretary (PWD) Go WB
10 Shri Srikumar Bhattacharya Engineer-in-Chief and Ex-Officio Secretary (PWD), Go WB, Director of WBHDCL
11 Shri Dipankar Chowdhury,WBCS Special Secretary, P & AR & e-Governance , Go WB, Director (Admin.), WBHDCL
12 Shri Ujjwal Kumar Mukherjee Director (Technical) and Chief General Manager, WBHDCL,