Notice No
Pub. Date
# Notice No Subject Publishing Date File
21 499/WBHDCL CORRIGENDA/ADDENDA-III TO NIT No.:WBHDCL/CGM/eNIT-1/2017-18 dated 10.04.2017 04 May 2017
22 1M-03/2013/169-R/W Granting authority to West Bengal Highway Development Corporation Limited to perform all functions as per West Bengal Highway Act, 02 May 2017
23 454 /WBHDCL CORRIGENDA/ADDENDA-II TO NIT No.:WBHDCL/CGM/eNIT-1/2017-18 dated 10.04.2017 25 Apr 2017
24 439 /WBHDCL CORRIGENDA/ADDENDA-I TO NIT No.:WBHDCL/CGM/eNIT-1/2017-18 dated 10.04.2017 20 Apr 2017
25 WBHDCL/CGM/eNIT-1/2017-18 Consultancy Services for preparation of Detailed Project Report for Strengthening and Widening to Standard 4/2 Lane of Arterial Road from Pragati Maidan Fire Station to Bantala (0 Km to 5 Km) and SH-3A from Bantala to Ghoshpur near Ghatakpukur (5.0 Km to 29.00 Km) in the District of North 24 Parganas / South 24 Parganas in West Bengal to be executed in EPC Mode.ADVERTISEMENT 12 Apr 2017
26 381/WBHDCL Corrigendum- I for Tender ref no : 342/WBHDCL dated: 28.03.2017 Notice Inviting Quotation (NIQ) for Company Secretarial work- Conversion of Annual Accounts (Statement of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet with annexures thereto) into XBRL mode and verification and certification of e-Form AOC-4-XBRL for the financial year 2016-2017 06 Apr 2017
27 358/WBHDCL/30/04/2017 Corrigendum-I on NIQ for tailor-made Group Medical Insurance & Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy. 30 Mar 2017
28 253/WBHDCLdated 14-03-2017 Corrigendum for Notice Inviting Quotation (NIQ) from reputed and experienced Service Provider for 10 Mbps Internet BW (1:1) Leased Line 15 Mar 2017
29 WBHDCL/MD/e-NIQ14/2017 e-NIQ for Supply and Deployment of Security Supervisor and Security Guard 27 Feb 2017
30 WBHDCL/MD/eNIT-11/2016-17/27-10-2016 Technical Evaluation 17 Feb 2017
31 147 /WBHDCL/14-02-2017 NIQ Ref No.WBHDCL/MD/e-NIQ 14/2017 Tender for Supply and deployment of Security Guard and Security Supervisor 16 Feb 2017
32 WBHDCL/MD/eNIT-11/2016-17/27-10-2016 Implementation of ERP (Technical Evaluation) 25 Jan 2017
33 1826/WBHDCL Notice regarding Cancellation of E-NIB (Construction of Road Shoulder and installation of different traffic appurtenances at different locations of Barrackpore-Kalyani Expressway from Moragacha Crossing) 30 Dec 2016
34 1816/ WBHDCL Widening and Strengthening of existing road corridor connecting Mogra on SH 13 in Hoogly District with Barajaguli on NH-34 in Nadia District via Triveni Boropara, Kalyani and Kapa PACKAGE-III Notice Reference No 1098/WBHDCL dated 17.09.2015 29 Dec 2016
35 1819/WBHDCL Public Notice (collection of user fee) on Barrackpore Kalyani Expressway 29 Dec 2016
36 1811/WBHDCL Construction of Road over Bridge (ROB) including approach road from STKK road towards Bandel Charsed ROB, Service Roads, Footpath, Road Signage, Drainage etc. in lieu of Level Crossing 1A/3T at Bandel Carshed on Bandel-Katwa broad gauge rail line, at chinage 631.8 kmp on Grand Trunk Road in the District Hooghly in West Bengal, NIT No: WBHDCL/MD/e-NIT- 08/2016 dated 05.10.2016 28 Dec 2016
37 1743/WBHDCL Opening of tender notice vide memo no. 1660/WBHDCL dated 15.11.2016 05 Dec 2016
38 1733/WBHDCL Minutes of Pre-Bid Conference for 2nd call of e-NIT WBHDCL/MD/eNIT-12/2016-17/18-11-2016 02 Dec 2016
39 1705/WBHDCL Extension of dates Sealed quotation for supply of printing, scanning, photocopy and binding of official documents (NIT No. 1660/WBHDCL dated 15.11.2016) 28 Nov 2016
40 1172/WBHDCL Cancellation of tender reference no.WBHDCL/MD/e-NIT-09/2016 dated 05.10.2016 21 Nov 2016
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